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With more than 1500 live performance shows, the BEATZ Live Band band started in 2008. In our vision to create classic and fusion music, BEATZ Live Band has cultivated its own signature with musicians, long term collaborators and multi-dimensional instrumentalists. Over the years, our band has grown to cement a strong place in the music industry. Today, BEATZ Live Band are key performers in corporate and private events, TV and Radio Shows, etc
We Have One Goal

At our company, we provide comprehensive packages that include all aspects of show such as Audio & Equipments, Live Sound Engineer, etc. We offer a wealth of experience in a variety of fields and are equipped to handle different types of events. Beatz Live Band has been at the forefront of the Live Bands for over two decades, with a focus on creating show that are both stunningly beautiful and tailored to the needs and wants of our clients. We are professional, passionate and focused on the details. Our team will help you to create your successful event.

Light Music

Light Music is the genre in which the singers and instrument players are being performed to execute any song in its original manner (Song Write). A minimally required cinematic music concert can be rendered with the standard set-up of the orchestration such as singers accompanied with Keyboard, Guitar, Percussion with the support of audio equipment and it can be enhanced to the maximum number of the orchestration set up based on the requirement and the acoustic of the venue.


Instrumental Music is the genre where the entire concert will be performed with the lead instruments such as Violin/ Flute/ Veena/ Mandolin/ Saxophone backing with the orchestration. Instrumental genre basically doesn’t include vocal section.


Fusion music tends to be more creative in nature and provides the opportunity for the performers to implement their innovative styles in any set, or even during a single song.


Karaoke is the musical genre where the well known popular songs are performed only with the singers in the stage along with the backing music (Non-Orchestration). Video Karaoke is another kind where the lyrics are usually displayed on a video screen, along with the moving symbol, changing color, or music video images to guide the singer.

About our Founder

Sooreya. K, M.Phil., founder of Beatz Live Band, an accomplished Rhythmist, Percussionist, Composer, and disciple of world-renowned Indian percussionist Karaikudi Mani. He has Masters in Rhythmology and Music and plays an array of percussion instruments in addition to Mridangam, Kanjira, Djembe.

Sooreya Kanakaratnam

Founder, Beatz Music and Entertainments

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